SEO Buyer's Guide

Outsourcing, Costs, Briefs and Contracts

Written by Daniel Tolliday

SEO is a fundamental part of any website marketing strategy. With over 80% of website traffic coming from search engines like Google, it's important that a website is well optimised and creates great content that converts visitors into customers.

However outsourcing SEO services can be a tricky process. Google is constantly updating the way it ranks websites and SEO agencies are constantly striving to understand the best ways to optimise websites.

Tactics that worked in the past, now cause penalties. So how do you know which SEO agency is going to do the right thing? Where do you go to find an reliable SEO provider? How much should you pay?

There is a lot confusion and questions about SEO. Unrealistic expectations from clients and over-promising from agencies can make SEO a frustrating experience.

This buyer's guide answers all of those questions and helps you find an SEO provider without the stress.

9 Steps to a Successfully Outsourced SEO Project

This series has been created to educate businesses about the process of outsourcing SEO. Each chapter provides straight-up advice and includes a few freebies like the SEO Brief Template and a free SEO Website Audit Report.

What is SEO?

What is SEO and do you actually need it?

Put simply, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all about making changes to a website in order to increase search engine visibility. Links and shares on major social media networks are big factors for increasing the visibility of a website on search engines.

SEO Rules

The 4 Golden Rules of Buying SEO

When it comes to taking that big leap into the world of purchasing SEO services, many businesses (both large and small) make the mistake of choosing an agency or consultant that has the best sales pitch without evaluating some vital criteria first. In this chapter, I will discuss the 4 golden rules of buying SEO, of which I have compiled along my SEO journey, that you should consider prior to committing to an SEO project.

SEO Brief

How to Prepare an SEO Brief + Free Template

At the end of this article, you will have a solid grasp on how an SEO brief should be structured. This helps to give you the most accurate quote possible, with the primary intention of reaching the goals of your business.

SEO goals

How to Define SEO Goals Beyond Traffic

Measuring traffic and defining SEO goals based on the quantity of traffic received is not always such a good idea. It's the quality that is of greater significance. Here are a few important points to consider.

Gaming Google

Gaming Google & Taking Short Cuts: Is It Worth It?

Google has become so adept at flushing out the sneaky critters who try to game the search engine results, and they're penalising harshly without mercy. As you will see later on in this post, businesses can be completely destroyed when playing roulette with Google.

seo contract clauses

7 Must Have SEO Contract Clauses

Understanding SEO contracts might be difficult for some (or even most), so in this chapter I'll describe the most important sections to make it easily digestible.